YAKTAL® water from Patagonia comes in two presentations:

  • 330ml (11.2 fl oz) glass bottle
  • 500ml (16.9 fl oz) PET bottle

Best served at low temperatures, to enjoy all the quality of YAKTAL® water from Patagonia
No additives or minerals are added to YAKTAL water, to maintain its purity and unique characteristics, obtained from its voyage of millennia through the depths of Patagonia. PET bottles used in YAKTAL´s bottling process is of PET1, recyclable and BPA free.
Before bottling, YAKTAL in injected with ozone. Ozone (O3) is the triatomic form of oxygen (O2), and it is formed by negative ions. It is oxygen in its most active state, capable of destroying viruses, bacteriae, parasites, prions, funghi, mold, spores and many other contaminants by oxidation in very few seconds. Due to its high reactivity, the ozone acts almost instantly.
3,000 times more efective than chlorine in water disinfectation, and way safer, and –au contraire to chlorine, which is a potent carcinogen- it does not present any toxicity, decomposing in oxygen and water once its job is done. Some patogens, as giardia, the most infectious parasite, and cytosporidium, are tap water chlorine-resistant, but not ozone. In the water, also, there are contaminants coming from industrial waste as phenols, which react at chlorine by creating chlorophenlos, harmful to health. Nevertheless, ozone decomposes phenols and other highly toxic substances as cyanides, which are also chlorine-resistant, into unharmful composytes.

Besides provoking the death by oxidation of the pathogen microorganisms, the ozone stimulates the immunological system and blood circulation, also oxygenating the whole body. It also improves the brain functions and memory, due to the brain usage of circa 15% of the human body´s oxygen.