The first inhabitants of Patagonia learned to survive in close harmony with their environment, even though the climatic and geographic conditions were extremely tough.

Every twelve full moons, they were certain that the whales would come back, bringing along with them longer daylight and nature´s blooming. Upon the whales´ arrival to Patagonia, they performed a ceremonial chant that perfectly resembles this harmony: the Yaktal, a ritual and a feast were they celebrated the beginning of the pleasant weather season that the whales brought in.

As nomads, they could carry only the essential for their subsistence: easy mounting huts, basic tools and the appropriate apparel to endure the harsh climate. And they could always trust on something all along Patagonia: to enjoy pristine water wherever they settled on their nomad voyage.

At YAKTAL® water from Patagonia, we work to bring the very same water that the native Patagonians enjoyed many centuries ago.

After a voyage of millennia through the depths of Patagonia, from ancient proglacial lakes, we bring YAKTAL® water from Patagonia, bottled at source with environment friendly processes, for you to enjoy the best water from the End of the World.

YAKTAL® water from Patagonia is authorized by the National Health Authority of Chile, according to resolution No. 1512244759 of 07/23/2015 of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Territory chapter.

YAKTAL® water from Patagonia is authorized by the Food and Drugs Administration FDA, according to registration number 11927447458 of 10/04/2016.